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Where Young People Learn in Burlington & Winooski VT

  • Social/ Educational/ Health Services
  • Civic/Cultural Organizations
  • City Services
  • Private Sector
  • Faith-Based
  • Schools
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Where do young people learn in Burlington & Winooski, Vermont? Many places, as the map above indicates. Schools don’t and can’t do it alone, and the good news is that they don’t have to. ‘Student-centered learning’ puts individual students first, and uses all the resources a community has to offer to teach them – business people, artists, activists, cultural groups, libraries, city police, fire and recreation departments, and much more. This map, designed as part of a youth asset-mapping project commissioned by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, is meant to show communities where their resources are, and help them connect the dots between those resources so youth can have fuller and more meaningful educational experiences.