A Must-Watch PSA on Internet Exploitation

This just-released PSA, produced by the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Vermont and Green River Pictures in partnership with Youth Catalytics, makes a powerful point about the prevalence and ease of internet exploitation of young teen girls. It’s one of the factors that plays into the ‘perfect storm’ scenario that puts girls today at heightened risk of abuse. There’s been a lot of hand-wringing about the early sexualization of girls and the commercial and media environment that shapes and exploits girls, but not a whole lot of practical action. There’s been some, though. We’ve spent the last few years finding out what’s going on in agencies, schools and communities around the country, and report on it in What Are We Doing to Girls?. We have some additional recommendations for your community or organization, too — concrete, positive and empowering actions that you and the young people you care about can take today. Find out about them here.


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6 reactions to “A Must-Watch PSA on Internet Exploitation

  1. Check out this compelling PSA on a critical social issue; the well being of girls in our culture.
    Take the time to read and then share “the Girls Report” more formally titled “What are We Doing to Girls” authored by Youth Catalytics. Great examples of communities taking on this issue.

  2. This was a chilling reminder of how the internet can enter our homes and impact our children, our girls, without our knowledge or control. A must see.

  3. Powerful and thought-provoking, one can only hope that this message is seen both as a wake-up call and a call to action for parents and concerned citizens everywhere.

  4. This is such a vitally important topic – and not enough organizations are spreading the word.

    As the father of a now-20 year old daughter, I can tell you that it is impossible to overestimate the amount of effort we must make to educate and prepare girls for this onslaught of negative-to-dangerous attention fostered by the media and our culture at large.

    So glad Youth Catalytics and the state of Vermont are stepping up. And great job from Green River Pictures. This is a succinct and powerful reminder of how we ALL – parents, educators, agencies, and law enforcement – are responsible for safeguarding our young girls from both physical and psychological damage.

    Well done, all!

    — David

  5. Succinct , gripping and powerful. This PSA should serve as wake up to parents, educators and care givers;
    we must do more to educate, empower and protect young girls in our community.

    Thanks for calling attention to this very important issue.

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