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Since the 1980s, Youth Catalytics has been making communities better for children, young people and families.

Community-based organizations do a million critical things for children and teenagers. They feed them, clothe them, rescue them, shelter them, educate them, provide them with mental health services, substance abuse services, leadership opportunities, and recreational opportunities. They help them get off the streets, avoid early pregnancy, avoid violence, stay on track. They help them finish high school, get jobs, get their first apartments, learn to live on their own.

They help the most vulnerable young people — those who got a tough start and have no where else to turn.

These organizations are all different, to be sure. But they’re all alike, too. Every one of them can use some help doing their best possible job.

Youth Catalytics brings training, research, evaluation, fund development, and best practices to youth-serving organizations of all kinds, making them stronger and better at what they do. Strong organizations create healthy communities, and healthy communities create healthy youth. It’s that simple.

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