What We Do

ToP Mtg DenverFor more than 30 years, Youth Catalytics has improved the lives of vulnerable young people by improving the private nonprofit agencies, state systems, communities and schools that work with them. Our work includes:

  • Staff and board training
  • Strategic planning
  • Capacity building assistance in communications and dissemination
  • Program evaluation
  • Grant prospecting, writing and reviewing
  • Meeting design and facilitation
  • Collective impact planning
  • Program evaluation
  • Community needs assessment
  • Contracted and independent research

We are certified trainers in:

  • Group facilitation methods
  • Positive youth development, youth-adult partnerships, and community-building
  • Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program®

We tackle issues that are understudied and underfunded, developing significant bodies of research and piloting new processes to develop a next-step level of knowledge and practice. Since 1996, this work has included:

  • The use and impact of spiritually oriented (mindfulness) programs in youth services
  • The early sexualization of girls and multi-faceted community responses
  • Innovative practices in transitional housing for homeless and transitioning youth
  • Engaging and providing services to LGBTQ youth in rural communities
  • Estimating numbers of homeless and unstably housed youth in communities
  • Youth-focused community needs assessments
  • Youth-led, technology-enabled processes to discover educational, job and internship opportunities in communities

See training, consultation, research and tools areas for more details.

Facing a special challenge or being presented with a new opportunity? Contact us. We can help.