ACF Resources for Those Affected by Sandy Hook Shooting


We’re glad to pass this along, from Marilyn Lasky at the Region I office of the Administration for Children and Families in Boston. It’s a comprehensive list of resources for children, youth, parents and social service providers struggling to cope — or help others cope — with the devastating shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Youth Catalytics staff members work throughout Connecticut; indeed, we’ve been there twice in the last month conducting trainings and observing programs at work. We have deep roots in the state and friendships that go back to our founding, more than 30 years ago. Our many colleagues there, some of whom have been directly touched by this event, have our deepest condolences. But they have better than that. They have our commitment that we’ll fight along with other child and youth advocates for sane gun regulation and for systemic improvements in a mental health care system that has eroded throughout the country in the last several years — and just at a time when it needs to be stronger, broader, more flexible, and much better at prevention. We agree with those who say that this discussion isn’t best put off for another day — the day has come.

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