Developing a Major Gifts Program Part I: When Your Prince Doesn’t Come

(This is part one of a two-part series. While you are not required to register for both parts, we encourage you to do so.)

Every nonprofit organization dreams of finding that rich benefactor who willingly donates millions of dollars to its cause. And for many of our agencies, that’s the extent of our major donor thinking. And that’s a shame — although the One Big Gift is highly unlikely to come knocking, you can still develop a large group of donors who will regularly give donations in the multi-thousand dollar range. Such people exist and their numbers are growing as successful Baby Boomers continue to retire. But getting them on your side takes time, planning and work. Can you afford to overlook this key fund development strategy? In today’s fundraising environment, a successful major gifts program can mean the difference between the thriving growth of your organization and a stalled development effort. In part one of this two-part webinar series on major gifts, participants will learn the basics of organizing a major gifts program, including:

  • The importance of a major gifts program
  • Elements of a major gifts program
  • Identification and evaluation of prospects
  • Why major donors give and inspiring their philanthropy
  • Cultivating relationships with major donors
  • Stewardship and ways to say thank you
  • Organizing and managing development staff and volunteers for optimum results