Applying for FYSB FY 2014 Funding?


If So, You Need Us. It’s that Simple.

Competition for runaway/homeless youth-related funded from FSBY funding continues to grow more fierce each year, and between level-funding and sequestration, this year promises to be challenging for even the most experienced grant writers. If your organization is applying for these soon-to-be-released FYSB funding opportunities, contact Youth Catalytics today. We can write the grant for you or support your grantwriting team by reviewing your application. While no funding is ever guaranteed, in the last six years we have written or reviewed 17 FYSB grant applications;16 were awarded. That’s a 94% success rate. We feel confident can help you improve your chances for funding.

To learn more about our grant-writing and review services, contact Sharon Vardatira at (413) 687-1006. Don’t delay. Note that the following FYSB grant programs were forecasted to release RFPs before now, so they could come out at any time.

youthBasic Center Program: The purpose of the Basic Center Program (BCP) is to provide an alternative for runaway and homeless youth who might otherwise end up in the child welfare, mental health, or juvenile justice systems. BCP works to establish or strengthen community-based programs that meet the immediate needs of runaway and homeless youth and their families. The programs provide youth up to age 18 with emergency shelter, food, clothing, counseling and referrals for health care. Most basic centers can provide 21 days of shelter for up to 20 youth at a time. Basic centers seek to reunite young people with their families, whenever possible, or to locate appropriate alternative placements. Approximately 116 awards are expected to be made, ranging in size from $50,000-$200,000.  Basic Center Program:

Street Outreach Program: Today, in communities across the country, young people are living on the streets after running away from or being asked to leave homes characterized by abuse, neglect, or parental drug and alcohol abuse. Once on the streets, such youth are at risk of being sexually exploited or abused by adults, and may engage in shoplifting, survival sex, or drug dealing in order to provide for their basic needs. Since 1996, FYSB has funded agencies to provide street-based services to runaway, homeless, and street youth. These services, which are provided in areas where street youth congregate, are designed to assist such youth in making healthy choices and getting the help they need to leave the streets. Approximately 56 awards are expected to be made, ranging in size from $100,000-$200,000.

Transitional Living Program/Maternal Group Homes: Through the Transitional Living Program (TLP) and Maternity Group Homes (MGH), grantees provide youth with safe and appropriate shelter for up to 21 months, life and interpersonal skill-building, career counseling and job skills, counseling, and medical care. MGHs provide the same services as a TLP in addition to providing parenting education and child care. Other services that are offered include transportation, family planning, abstinence education and pregnancy prevention services. Approximately 30 awards are expected to be made, ranging in size from $100,000-$200,000.

Public and private nonprofit organizations may apply. Priority is given to organizations that have experience in providing shelter and services to runaway, homeless, or street youth.

Contact Sharon Vardatira at (413) 687-1006, or visit our website.


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