Online Sexual Exploitation Resources

The Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services, in partnership with Youth Catalytics and Green River Pictures, has released a new PSA that addresses the risks of sexual exploitation of youth via the Internet. This PSA is part of a broader project on the early sexualization of girls that Youth Catalytics has been engaged in for over five years. Although concerns about adolescent sexualization have been around for decades, advances in mobile technology and the use of social networking are creating a new phenomenon that immerses young people in many kinds of messages about female sexuality while eroding the barriers between individuals, and all at a time with girls are entering puberty earlier and thus vulnerable longer. Rapid changes in technology and its prevalence in young people’s lives are pushing boundaries in new and often hard-to-predict ways – ways that challenge existing approaches to prevention and intervention.

Want to learn more about online sexual exploitation of youth? Check out the resources here.

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