Advocacy in a Digital Age

Social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube have changed the way people communicate and have opened doors to electronic advocacy. This fast-paced technology can leave your head spinning when it comes to understanding how to use new media to your advantage. Before jumping in, it’s important to understand the legal limits of advocacy and lobbying for nonprofit organizations; Influencing Public Policy in the Digital Age from Alliance for Justice offers an overview of what’s considered over the line.

Tips for Using Social Media

  • Post links to news articles that explore advocacy issues related to your mission
  • Alert supporters to real-life actions they can take to further your cause
  • Encourage dialogue; post a thought-provoking link and pose a question to your audience
  • Keep your tweets short so people can easily re-tweet (RT) them
  • Post photos or real-time updates during advocacy events and legislative days
  • Upload videos of advocates sharing personal stories
  • Create an online Group for a Cause
  • Link virtual campaigns to actual activities. Remember there’s no substitute for real world action!