Dotting the I’s Isn’t Enough — Grants Have to Persuade

What Impression Do Your Grants Make?

Although grant writing often seems like a formulaic exercise in making sure you have answered every question and included all attachments, it is, first and foremost, an exercise in teaching from a distance. Based largely on how you write your narrative, reviewers will decide whether you are creative, analytical, scattered, out of your depth, or a leader in your field. The written word is your best chance of getting into a reader’s consciousness, becoming memorable, and demonstrating that you are capable of executing the proposed project. While the funding guidelines and conventions may dictate the general style of your writing, successful grant writing tells a story and allows your agency’s voice and personality to shine through.

Through the principles of story structure and persuasive writing, as well as examples of real-life winning (and not so winning) proposals, this webinar will focus on the internal structure of the grant narrative and how to write engaging and memorable sections, paragraphs, and sentences in a way that is clear and compelling.

The Core of a Winning Grant Proposal: Persuasive Writing
June 11, 2014 2-3:15pm EST (Rescheduled from the original March 20 date)

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