Tips for Adult Sponsors

  1. Please figure out with your youth team a rotation that will work so that everyone will get equal access to the camera. We recommend that each youth has the camera for her/himself for two days.
  2. Discuss safety concerns with your photographers. In no case should any photographer be out alone at night or in an unsafe area.
  3. There should be enough storage on the memory card for each student to store about 50 pictures. If teams are sharing SD cards, please remind them to leave space on the card for others.
  4. Please help keep track of all the gear. Each camera case should include the following: camera; three sets of batteries (one in the camera and two extra); battery charger; lens cap; and memory card (in camera).
  5. Make sure that each young person you are sponsoring secures the permission of his/her parent or guardian, and that you bring the signed permission slips to the second workshop.
  6. Make sure that your participants get a written release from all people they photograph.
  7. Remind each student to document their rationale for taking each photo. This will be important when they are asked to write captions.
  8. Offer help as needed for photographers unsure about what images they want to take. Feel free to call us with any questions or support that YOU need.