Youth Catalytics conducts independent research projects on issues important to youth and to the communities where they live. We take on projects that are not being addressed in any sustained way elsewhere but that nonetheless have practical implications for youthworkers, teachers, parents and young people. Sometimes the issue at hand is controversial, or the field’s position on it is still in flux. Either way, most projects begin as suggestions from our colleagues in the field, and arise out of on-the-ground work with young people. We become involved when we think we can contribute something to the discussion that’s been missing.



“As the Talk About Wellness initiative concludes twelve years of work in the areas of wellness, resilience and mindfulness, we would like to take this time to praise our fiscal sponsor, Youth Catalytics.  As fiscal sponsor, evaluator and author of our final report, they continually held very high standards of integrity and professionalism. Additionally, our early work was supported by their research, particularly the report A Part of You So Deep: What Vulnerable Adolescents Have to Say About Spirituality.” 

~ Marilyn Neagley, Talk About Wellness Founder