Creating an 'Evaluation Culture' at a Massachusetts Coalition

This coalition called us when they needed to take a deeper look at how they defined success, realistic ways of measuring it, and how they could tell the big picture story about what, collectively, their programs and services bring to the community. They asked if we could help. We said yes. And as a result, they walked away with a better understanding of how their programs intersect, what they're......More

Evaluating a Vermont School System's 'Mindfulness' Program

In 2009-2010, the S. Burlington (Vt.) School District piloted a program teaching mindfulness techniques to teachers and students, with a goal of reducing stress among teachers and students, and improving socio-emotional learning in the classroom. Assignment The district sought an evaluation of the year-long program in order to capture effects on self-reported stress and other socio-emotional factors......More

Helping a Parent-Child Network Meet New Challenges

The Vermont Parent Child Center Network is a coalition of 15 legislatively designated centers that provide children, youth, and families with strengths-based, holistic, and collaborative services with a focus on child development and family support. The network is primarily state-funded and provides leadership, support and advocacy on behalf of its membership. Assignment The Network sought an outside......More

Improving Foster Care in Mesa County, Colorado

The Mesa County Department of Human Services provides services that assist individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency and social well-being. Individual and family programs protect children and adults, help people gain employment and assist them in responding to family and community conflicts. The Department takes leadership in community efforts to assess human service needs, plan for more......More

Shaping and Promoting Talented Young Leaders

We believe in making systems and organizations better, but we also work directly with young people to help emerging leaders extend their reach and influence. Case in point: Sixto Cancel was removed from his home when he was 11 months old; adopted by an abusive family at 11; became homeless between the ages of 13 and 15; and then took another chance on foster care. In high school he began advocating......More

Training Teen Mentors for Young Artists

Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM) is a nonprofit educational, artistic and cultural organization in Provincetown, Mass. PAAM's Reaching Forward Mentoring Program provides professional development in the arts for youth ages 17-21 years, while presenting positive role models for middle school students in an engaging professional studio and museum environment. Student mentors work with skilled......More