A national youth services expert recently estimated that public funding for youth programs has declined 30 percent over the last 10 years. Programs that do win grants need to meet multiple complex requirements -- in some cases, requirements that didn't even exist a few years ago. Being good isn't enough anymore; organizations need to be excellent. We can help you stand out. Find out how....More

Special Focus Areas

Youth Catalytics has worked with states, communities, social service agencies and schools for more than 30 years, and every one of our jobs and projects has had a single goal: to improve life chances for the most vulnerable young people in our society. What have we learned in all that time? Two things stand out. The first is that making positive changes for youth can be hard. The second is that......More

Teen Outreach Program®

Teen Outreach Program (TOP)® is an evidence-based youth development program that promotes positive school and personal outcomes for youth through curriculum-guided group discussions, small group activities, and community service learning. Youth Catalytics is a Wyman-certified replication partner, which enables us to create our own TOP network, train facilitators to work with youth, and take on direct...More


A well-trained staff is essential to good outcomes for clients and a stable, productive workforce. It is also expected by state and federal funders who want to know that your organization is keeping current in evidence-based and informed practices. Youth Catalytics provides a wide range of organizational development and practice trainings, all customizable. ...More

Youth Thrive™

Youth ThriveTM is a research-grounded model that combines the most current science about adolescent brain development, trauma, resilience, and the importance of social connections into one framework for promoting young people's well-being and healthy development.   This dynamic training is designed for educators, social workers, law enforcement personnel, foster parents and any other adults......More