A national youth services expert recently estimated that public funding for youth programs has declined 30 percent over the last 10 years. Programs that do win grants need to meet multiple complex requirements -- in some cases, requirements that didn't even exist a few years ago. Being good isn't enough anymore; organizations need to be excellent. For 30 years, Youth Catalytics has provided high-quality consultation experiences tailored to the needs of individual organizations.


A 2010 map of learning resources in Danbury, Conn. Every community has dozens or even hundreds of resources for children, youth and their families, some obvious and well-known, others nearly invisible. You need to know about them all. A map of these assets will help your staff locate resources for clients; help your managers......More

Board Development

Boards are important instruments of organizational development, but strong boards don't happen by accident. We work with boards of directors to help maximize the board’s time to bring in money, energy, support and valuable new board members. We also assist with developing, communicating, and monitoring board performance standards; assessing organizational effectiveness; and developing customized......More

FYSB and HUD Grant Funding: Grant Preview and Critique

Writing a successful federal grant is a big investment. It takes a lot of time and a lot of skill, especially given the sharp increase in competition for federal money. If you want or need to write your grant yourself, you can nonetheless benefit from the advice of consultants who have vast experience with Request for Proposals (RFPs) issued by the Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) and the Dept.......More

Grantwriting and Fund Development

Youth Catalytics provides services in grant prospecting; preparation, writing, and submission of private and government grants; budget preparation; grant reporting; and grant review and editing. We also facilitate fundraising and sustainability planning; assess fund development readiness; assist in developing major donor programs; and provide fund development guidance to boards of directors (asking......More

Needs Assessment

A needs assessment is a statement about the condition of your community, or a particular group of people in your community. Assessments are based on the demographic, social and economic characteristics of the community or group, and rely heavily on either original or secondary research. Almost all grants require needs statements, and a persuasive one will support your claim that your services are important.......More

Organizational Capacity Assessment

Whether it’s done as part of an overall program evaluation, a desire to become more outcomes-driven, a precursor to strategic planning, or as part of a fund development plan, assessing what you  have - and don't - is critical to an organization’s growth and success. At Youth Catalytics, we've expanded and refined the Marguerite Casey Foundation's Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool by including......More

Program Outcomes and Evaluation

In today’s competitive human services sector, agencies and programs must be able to name the precise outcomes they expect to achieve and explain how they know those outcomes have been accomplished. Agencies with strong evaluation strategies are able to make consistent, data-driven improvements to their programming, and have a strong advantage in grant competitions. What We Do Identify and articulate......More

Retreat Design and Facilitation

Organizations, programs, boards and coalitions all occasionally need some time away from the action to identify systemic issues, create new programs, solve problems, celebrate accomplishments, plan a big event, or simply plan and strategize. Whether it’s a two-hour meeting or a two-day retreat, we help groups make the most of their limited time together by designing an agenda that meets both their......More

Special Projects

We help organizations solve complex problems in a way that’s customized, collaborative and action-oriented. Working on capacity-building? Fund development? Program evaluation? Identifying and implementing a new evidence-based model? Need to do something you frankly have no idea how to do? One of our staff would love to talk about it with you. Call us at (802) 425-3006 for a free 20-minute......More

Strategic Planning

Strategic plans are blueprints that describe where your organization wants to go and how it is going to get there. Good plans represent a wide variety of voices in the organization, are consensus-driven, and are achievable. We’ve adapted the Institute of Cultural Affairs’ Technologies of Participation methods to engage you in a five-step planning process that meets your specific needs whether you......More


A flute-making workshop, part of teambuilding for  staff at Justice Resource Institute in Mass., 2009. A strong and unified team is essential to quality performance, whether the team is the entire organization or staff members from a specific program or project. Building and maintaining cohesive teams requires intentional planning,......More

Transitional Living Program Development

Transitional living (TL) programs for older adolescents and teen parents who are homeless or leaving state care emerged in the 1980s. Since that time, these programs have evolved and become much more sophisticated. Nevertheless, housing provided through TL programs is still more fluid than other residential programs where licensing prescribes and limits an agency’s policies and procedures. Outreach,......More