Organizational Capacity Assessment

Whether it’s done as part of an overall program evaluation, a desire to become more outcomes-driven, a precursor to strategic planning, or as part of a fund development plan, assessing what you  have – and don’t – is critical to an organization’s growth and success. At Youth Catalytics, we’ve expanded and refined the Marguerite Casey Foundation’s Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool by including 16 subdivisions in its scoring and analysis. This tool is comprehensive, effective and inexpensive; in recent years, we have used it in consultation with more than 20 different agencies. We lend just enough support to ensure that the assessment is complete and instructive while remaining internally driven.

What We Do

  • Assess your current capacity in terms of leadership, adaptability, management and operations
  • Cross-reference data related to organizational characteristics, board capacity, strategic planning, evaluation, community involvement, constituent involvement, fundraising, and more
  • Analyze and present findings to you in an easy-to-read format
  • Make recommendations on how to strengthen weaker areas