Transitional Living Program Development

Transitional living (TL) programs for older adolescents and teen parents who are homeless or leaving state care emerged in the 1980s. Since that time, these programs have evolved and become much more sophisticated. Nevertheless, housing provided through TL programs is still more fluid than other residential programs where licensing prescribes and limits an agency’s policies and procedures. Outreach, an important element of TL programs, requires staff to work more autonomously, which can challenge program consistency and effectiveness. Furthermore, gaining access to locally-based services and programs for clients requires staff to engage in wide-ranging collaborations in the community. Thus TL programs still tend to be customized and complex.

Youth Catalytics has extensive experience in all aspects of TL program design and development, and in training and supervising staff.

What We Do

  • Help establish your goals and desired outcomes for TLP clients
  • Develop program guidelines regarding education and jobs programs, substance use and abuse policies, ethics, safety protocols, and other critical policies and procedures
  • Develop frameworks for staff supervision and teamwork
  • Create effective information management systems to track outcomes