ImProve Outcomes: Measuring What Matters Most in Child and Youth Services

Doug Tanner conducting an ‘Evaluation 101’ training.

Youth-serving agencies, already overwhelmed by the demands of day-to-day operations, are facing mounting pressure to demonstrate that their programs really do make a difference for young people at risk. In today’s climate of dwindling funding and increasing scrutiny, data management has become something that all human service providers need to do, and do well. ImProve Outcomes training, developed by Youth Catalytics specifically for human service agencies, can help you develop and implement a data management plan that fits your particular program and setting.We offer partial, full and multiple-day trainings and follow-up consultation.

What You’ll Learn

  • To create outcomes, objectives and incremental indicators of success that are consistent with the mission of your program
  • To use objectives and indicators to measure outcomes that make sense for your agency or coalition
  • To observe, measure and analyze the incremental changes and accomplishments your services make in the daily lives of program participants
  • Which kind of computer-based program will help you track data efficiently at reasonable cost, and use the data once you have it

Our experience training, piloting and implementing ImProve Outcomes in organizations since 2003 shows that these methods help groups:

  • Document their effectiveness
  • Highlight their best work
  • Compete for funding, both from private foundations and public funders
  • Mobilize public support, and
  • Develop staff professionalism, capacity to use and understand research techniques, and investment in outcomes