Managing Staff Stress, Burn-out and Vicarious Trauma

This training focuses on ‘care for the caregiver’ and the causes and impact of stress, burn-out and vicarious trauma on staff and clients. Self-exploration, reflection, small group activities and discussion allow participants to understand current levels of stress, identify personal causes and practice various methods of stress management such as visualization, progressive relaxation, exercise and positive daily practices. The training also addresses how workplace culture can induce or reduce stress and the role supervisors play in dealing with its effects. Participants complete a private assessment scale that uncovers ‘weak points in the armor’ based on each person’s unique history. Written resources and reflection techniques and tools are provided. This training can range from four hours to a full day (full day recommended for adequate practice time to apply and incorporate new skills).

What You’ll Learn

  • To recognize signs and symptoms of stress, burn-out and vicarious trauma
  • Multiple methods to manage stress, burn-out and vicarious trauma
  • To identify personal sources of stress
  • To develop an individual self-care plan
  • To understand when and how to seek help with vicarious trauma