Sexual Diversity Sensitivity Training

Our training about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth focuses on creating safer, more inclusive environments in which to serve young people. These highly customizable trainings generally take place in two half-day sessions but can also be expanded to two full days.

The ‘101’ version provides an overview of issues faced by LGBTQ youth as well as ways to communicate safety and respect in organizations, and describes the ‘coming out’ process and how to be an ally for youth. Participants examine organizational culture, policies and practices that enhance openness and safety, and learn how to send nonverbal signals that support coming out. Participants gain sensitivity to the challenges faced by LGBTQ youth.

In our ‘201’ training, participants delve more deeply into their own personal values and how these affect work with LGBTQ young people. Participants look at organizational shifts and how to foster cultures that support LGBTQ individuals and their family members. This advanced training also further describes transgender-specific issues and includes opportunities to practice new skills.

What You’ll Learn

  • The language and terms related to LGBTQ populations
  • Why LGBTQ youth are disproportionately represented in youth care settings
  • To understand and support the coming out process for youth
  • How to modify gendered programs for transgender youth
  • How to address and stop homophobic bullying
  • How to develop gender neutral policies and practices inclusive of LGBTQ individuals