Strengths-based Supervision

Organizations that embrace a positive youth development approach within their programs must extend the framework to include staff in order to model effective partnership and collaboration. Participants in this training will learn how to view every aspect of work as an opportunity for learning and how to support staff in developing professionally. The training addresses how to respond to staff performance issues and handle difficult conversations with staff. Participants are encouraged to bring real-life examples of challenging situations and will leave with specific plans for next steps to improve the situation. Trainings can be conducted in half- or full-day sessions or through more intensive consultation.

What You’ll Learn

  • To structure timing and setting of supervision so it’s relevant to staff and conducive to learning
  • To develop individual learning plans by identifying core components of learning that staff need
  • To engage with and set goals with staff in empowering ways that are not punitive
  • To practice having difficult conversations and address real life scenarios
  • How to document supervision and create remediation plans with staff
  • To understand how to use codes of ethics, policies and procedures to hold staff accountable for performance