6 Ways to Get Off Your Social Media Duff


Is this you when it comes to social networking?


Nonprofits have been slow to hop on the social networking wagon. Lots of us do it, sort of. When we can think of something to say.

Well … that’s not good enough, as it turns out, because you’ve got competitors who are doing it well, and benefiting because of it.

So what do you have to be doing re: social networking, according to amazing powerhouse marketing expert David Newman? At a training in Connecticut April 22, this is some of what we learned:


  1. If you’re a nonprofit, stop thinking about what you don’t have or can’t do. Consider yourself the solution to a serious problem some group of individuals has. In fact, someone out there is on Google right now, looking for an organization just like yours. Will they find you? Maybe, maybe not. Are there lots of ways to find you? What goodie do they get when they do find you?
  2. You’re expert in a lot of things. So put yourself out there as an expert. Offer nuggets of wisdom all the time, particularly via your blog and Twitter.
  3. Blog? That’s right, you should have one, and be posting on it often. If you don’t post often, search engines will realize it and step checking for updates from your site.
  4. People will pay you for your information, but not necessarily in money. And that’s okay, because social networking and social media are about making new contacts and getting leads. So give away information, reports, ebooks and more, but ask for an email address first.
  5. Don’t bombard contacts with requests for help. Bombard them with information they can use.
  6. Advice to the middle-age executive crowd: if you’re not competent in social media, get competent fast. It’s not hard, and it’s not even time-consuming. Make a plan, and have everyone in the organization funnel information, videos, updates, audio, or whatever to a central person, who decides what gets uploaded and where. If you’ve picked the right central person, he or she will find this a fun task, not a drag.


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2 reactions to “6 Ways to Get Off Your Social Media Duff

  1. As one of those middle-aged (?;) executives, who doesn’t see retirement anywhere on the horizon, I’m going to have another cup of coffee and start building my social networking competency right here and now! Hope others at this training were likewise inspired to join me.

  2. Being an “anti-social media” opponent, I dragged myself to the conference literally kicking and screaming to this conference. And, I was transformed! Revolutionized! Converted! This presentation was not only informative, motivating, fast paced and fun. The results – my agency is now on Facebook and Twitter! Thank you, Youth Catalytics for facilitating our launch into the tech world!

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