Securing Grant Support for Your Existing Programs

spin strawBeing able to win grants to support existing, long-term programs is the Holy Grail for every grant writer. With more and more foundations focused on funding innovative, replicable models of innovation and creativity, it often seems as though tried and true, long-term reliable programs (however effective) are passé, doomed to rejection.

Aside from grumbling about the sad state of foundation support for critically needed programs, what can be done? As it turns out, plenty! Although we can’t change what foundations are interested in funding, we can take steps to add shine to our existing programs and reveal them to funders (and possibly even ourselves) in a whole new way. In our next fund development webinar, Turning Straw into Gold, or Making What’s New Shine Again, we’ll  examine three real-world programs to discover specific steps that can be taken to “re-vision” and write about existing programs in a way that will excite and engage grant makers as well as your entire community. Participants will also have an opportunity to share ideas about how to add “shine” to each other’s programs. This webinar – which focuses on the intersection between program development and grant writing – is appropriate for grant writers, managers, program staff, and anyone else involved in program development.

Join us May 15, 2-3:15pm EST.

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