The Pitfalls of Active Leadership


Is your active leadership style perhaps a little too active? If you’re hearing only about 20% of what any given person says to you and can’t say exactly how your days keep slipping by, this, from Fast Company, is for you.

Try these four simple lessons from some big thinkers to slow down and focus on what’s really worth your energy.

  1. Take 5 minutes each day just to think, and ultimately figure out what’s the most important thing you should be focusing on (yes, it’s legit to hunker down at that favorite coffee house);
  2. Say no to things that distract you from that most important thing and don’t mistake busyness for accomplishment;
  3. Use existing time more effectively instead of assuming you need more of it (try 5 vs. the standard 30 minute meetings to start);
  4. Be a more inspiring leader by swapping out ‘We need to do more with less’ with ‘We need to be as effective, efficient, successful as possible while also building talent and holding down costs.’
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