For over 25 years, we have helped communities be more responsive to the needs of children and youth. In the course of that work we have developed a number of products and services that can make you more competitive and strengthen your grant proposals. All tools and processes are flexible and can be customized to meet the needs of the local community.

Homeless Youth Estimation Project

How many young people in your community need help because they've left home? Do you know? The Homeless Youth Estimation Project is designed to provide a reliable estimate of the number of youth in any given school district who have left home and are living somewhere else — a car, a friend's house, with a boyfriend or girlfriend — temporarily. The goal of the project is to inform public......More


We created the 'mapsite' process as a way to engage young people in finding and describing the opportunities that exist in their own communities. Young people identify potential resources — businesses, hospitals, artisans, town workers — and find out more about them. They conduct their own interviews, write up their findings, and post them on resource-mapped websites for their peers. Mappers come......More

Volunteer Toolkit

Valentine makers, birthday cake bakers, marketers, mentors and financial fundraisers: need a little help expanding services to clients in these tough times? You're not alone. For over a decade, experts have been telling the nonprofit world that an advancing wave of retired Baby Boomers would soon be at its doorstep, eager to share their free expertise. Now, due to demographics, the economy and evolving......More


This two-pronged project aims to help youth-focused coalitions understand the issues and perspectives of young people; develop partnerships with other organizations in their community; and raise adult awareness about experiences and attitudes of young people locally. Zoom-In consists of 1) an online youth survey implemented through schools and local agencies, and 2) a youth 'photovoice' project that......More