This two-pronged project aims to help youth-focused coalitions understand the issues and perspectives of young people; develop partnerships with other organizations in their community; and raise adult awareness about experiences and attitudes of young people locally. Zoom-In consists of 1) an online youth survey implemented through schools and local agencies, and 2) a youth ‘photovoice’ project that asks young people to approach the survey questions artistically, through photographs that document their experiences. Between 2008 and 2011, Youth Catalytics managed full Zoom-In projects in three communities and photovoice-only projects in two more. Zoom-In projects can be either broad or narrow in focus, looking at very specific local issues (‘where are homeless peers currently living?’) or general ones (‘what things in your community help you succeed?’).

Contact Cindy Carraway-Wilson about training and technical assistance to create your own Zoom-In project.