Volunteer Toolkit

Valentine makers, birthday cake bakers, marketers, mentors and financial fundraisers: need a little help expanding services to clients in these tough times? You’re not alone. For over a decade, experts have been telling the nonprofit world that an advancing wave of retired Baby Boomers would soon be at its doorstep, eager to share their free expertise. Now, due to demographics, the economy and evolving national policy, these volunteers are here. But are child, youth and family-serving agencies ready for them? Can they use volunteers in ways that truly improve their services, cut overhead and extend their reach?

This toolkit takes a clear-eyed look at what volunteers can realistically do in child and youth serving organizations, and how to get started growing or improving your own volunteer program. In it you’ll find research about the benefits of using volunteers, characteristics of successful volunteer programs and examples of what volunteers can do in various settings (residential, administrative, lobbying, etc.). You’ll also learn about how to recruit and retain one-time and long-term volunteers. Sample forms address interviewing, evaluation and risk management. Finally, the toolkit includes a list of additional online resources.

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