TOP® Named to Exclusive Group of Programs that Work

A new ChildTrends brief names the Teen Outreach Program® among just 43 programs for adolescents that have both a proven positive effect on teens and come with manuals, materials and technical assistance that can help agencies implement them with fidelity. The programs named to the list are meant to impact a variety of behaviors; ChildTrends looked specifically at whether each program was proven, through controlled studies, to have a positive effect on whatever issue the programs were targeting. Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program (TOP®), which is being implemented by Youth Catalytics among youth in care in Connecticut, aims to reduce teen pregnancy.

The ChildTrends brief also named the size of the effect each program was shown to have, and eliminated those programs that have only ‘very small’ effects.

TOP® was shown to have positive impacts in reducing teen pregnancy, course suspension and school suspension. It’s impact on preventing pregnancy among teen mothers — a high-risk group — was called ‘large.’

Youth Catalytics is still seeking additional host sites for TOP® in Connecticut, by the way.

Find more information about the program here.


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