Become a Practice Partner

How we can work together

Service providers interested in building new program components or improving their existing programs come to Youth Catalytics as Practice Partners. Together we pursue public and private funding; our partners create the new or expanded programming; and we provide training, technical assistance and evaluation.

  • Government and private foundation funders show a strong preference for interdisciplinary and collaborative projects in their RFPs.
  • Diverse perspectives and collective buy-in both strengthen a project and potentially sustain it beyond grant funding.
  • If not funded the first time, the collective process used in developing the proposal will lead to future success.
  • Funding and managing grant projects is time-intensive. Thus we have developed tools and systems to expedite the work.
  • By sharing the cost of prospect research and grant writing, we’re able to leverage grants that would be unattainable otherwise.
    1.  Together we establish the general scope of the project, goals, core activities, respective roles, and budget.
    2.  We share, discuss and consolidate lists of private foundation and government funders.
    3.  We conduct additional research. This research process identifies new prospects for funding the collaborative project, as well as funders for other programs delivered by the Practice Partner.
    4.  Together we prioritize our list potential funding prospects. Where are we mostly likely to find success?
    5.  Together, we finalize a plan for approaching priority prospects. This plan includes specific activities, timeline, and individuals responsible for each task.

There is no getting around the fact that leveraging resources collaboratively assumes a high level of commitment and communication on everyone’s part. But it is our Practice Partners’ experience in the field, coupled with our experience planning and managing complicated grant-funded projects, that makes our collective endeavor more likely to succeed.