Bringing Mindfulness to Schools: The TAW Initiative

Bringing Mindfulness to Schools: Talk About Wellness Initiative Final Report. (2016). Jennifer A. Smith. 27 pp.

This report introduces readers to the use of mindfulness in schools and its current evidence base by describing the work of Talk About Wellness (TAW), which was a pioneer in introducing mindfulness practices to Vermont students and educators. School mindfulness programs have been gaining in popularity and represent a promising approach to addressing students’ social-emotional needs while at the same time preparing them for a competitive adult world. A detailed review of TAW’s activities, evaluation findings, and interviews with key stakeholders provide readers with insights and practical tools for introducing mindfulness in new learning environments, as well as an understanding of potential academic and lifelong benefits for teachers and students.

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“As the Talk About Wellness initiative concludes twelve years of work in the areas of wellness, resilience and mindfulness, we would like to take this time to praise our fiscal sponsor, Youth Catalytics.  As fiscal sponsor, evaluator and author of our final report, they continually held very high standards of integrity and professionalism. Additionally, our early work was supported by their research, particularly the report A Part of You So Deep: What Vulnerable Adolescents Have to Say About Spirituality.” 

~ Marilyn Neagley, Talk About Wellness Founder