Grantwriting and Fund Development

writingYouth Catalytics provides services in grant prospecting; preparation, writing, and submission of private and government grants; budget preparation; grant reporting; and grant review and editing. We also facilitate fundraising and sustainability planning; assess fund development readiness; assist in developing major donor programs; and provide fund development guidance to boards of directors (asking for money, fund development planning, and fundraising basics). For some agencies, we serve as adjunct grantwriting staff, handling the high-stakes, complex grants while they write the simpler ones themselves.

What We Do

  • Provide services directly to clients (such as writing grants, conducting prospect research and editing proposals)
  • Deliver technical assistance by phone, through electronic media (Skype, teleconference, web conference) and in person
  • Facilitate interactive planning process both in-person and/or via tele- and web conference with boards of directors, managers, volunteers, and other decision-making groups
  • Submit written materials and products, such as grants, action plans, prospect summaries, training information, etc.
  • Provide follow-up assistance as needed

We pride ourselves on our ability to work constructively with agencies. Our goal is to lead a process that positions our clients to win the funding they deserve, and to make that process as easy as possible for them. At the same time, we encourage clients to see the grant application process as chance to grow and strengthen their programs. We can spot strengths and weaknesses in services, and can help bring programs into alignment with best practices and funders’ expectations.


“This has been a great experience and I hope you all feel the same. Each of you has given me a bit of knowledge that I will be carrying forward. I thank you for that and your patience with my many, many questions. In the end, the final product is a comprehensive, well thought out and innovative program and that is most important.”
~Christine Keys, Director of Foster Care, Adoption and Youth Programs, Klingberg Family Centers, New Britain, Conn.

“This has been the most flawless grant submission we have participated in. The quality of your work, timeliness and thoughtfulness was outstanding. We experienced stellar professionalism, outstanding time management and a depth of knowledge about Federal grants that rivals none. We look forward to working with all of you again!”
~Margaret Hann, Executive Director, The Bridge Family Center, W. Hartford, Conn.

“Youth Catalytics worked in collaboration with our team to submit an exceptional proposal for a federal grant. The proposal was not only very well written, YC handled all the details to ensure the proposal was read and met all guidelines. It may seem impossible for an agency that has little experience with your agency to write a successful grant application, but we are witnesses to the fact that not only can they do it, they do it with a skill that frankly has impressed every reader since it completion. The ultimate measure in how well they were able to put this together with us…we were funded! Vermont families will benefit in significant ways as  result of their good work. I would highly recommend Youth Catalytics if you want to maximize your chances at a successful application.”
~Kimberly-Ann Coe, Director of Residential and Community Treatment Programs, Lund, Burlington, Vt.