Needs Assessment

A needs assessment is a statement about the condition of your community, or a particular group of people in your community. Assessments are based on the demographic, social and economic characteristics of the community or group, and rely heavily on either original or secondary research. Almost all grants require needs statements, and a persuasive one will support your claim that your services are important. Needs assessments can also be stand-alone products that inform an upcoming or proposed project. In consultation, we assist clients in tackling their needs assessment themselves, or conduct a full assessment for them. Young people and other stakeholders can become part of the assessment by helping to collect data, by participating in interviews, surveys, or focus groups, or by adding their voices through photos or videos.

What We Do

  • Identify geographical and/or population areas of interest and essential research questions
  • Determine types and quantity of desired data and strategies for collection (for example focus groups, surveys, stakeholder interviews, internet research, and photovoice or storytelling projects)
  • Report on findings