A flute-making workshop, part of teambuilding for  staff at Justice Resource Institute in Mass., 2009.

A strong and unified team is essential to quality performance, whether the team is the entire organization or staff members from a specific program or project. Building and maintaining cohesive teams requires intentional planning, experiential activities, and opportunities for individual and group reflection. Teambuilding consultation can take place during staff meetings or as part of single- or multi-day staff retreats where activities are inserted as one component of an agenda or as the entire agenda. Activities are geared to every learning style. Common activities include taking the team on a Blindfolded Trust Walk; creating Human Machines; and working on communication skills in the Blind and Deaf Builder activity. Teams leave the session feeling invigorated and re-committed, and individuals gain a clearer idea of the skills they and their teammates each bring to their shared work.

What We Do

  • Assess the current functioning of the team, identifying team strengths and weaknesses and teambuilding goals
  • Design a variety of activities and reflections that shed light on weaknesses while capitalizing on team strengths
  • Employ an experiential approach firmly based on multiple intelligence theory to facilitate meaningful participation for everyone
  • Use Experiential Learning Cycle approaches to ensure activities include reflection that leads to deeper understanding and team transformation