Mindful Classrooms, Developing Minds

Schools are under a great deal of pressure, both socially and politically, to improve student outcomes, and to do so while meeting the needs of a diverse array of students. One new approach that has attracted considerable attention in the last few years is mindfulness. Mindfulness practices in schools are a potent means of advancing social-emotional wellness – the spectrum of knowledge, attitudes and skills that contribute to children’s readiness to learn and their ability to collaborate with teachers and peers. In addition, studies focused on a range of professional settings – from Fortune 500 companies, to medical schools, to schools themselves – have demonstrated that incorporating mindfulness into professional development programs can increase productivity, and improve job satisfaction, the ability to connect with colleagues, and feelings of self-efficacy. This one-day training is is designed to introduce faculty and staff in schools and other classroom settings to mindfulness practices they can use for themselves and their students to improve academics and move towards creating a safe and supportive learning environment.

What You’ll Learn

This highly interactive workshop will review the evidence in support of mindfulness and why it is important to teach the skills to children. We will explore how mindfulness can improve emotional and behavioral self-regulation in children while building healthy and adaptive brain pathways they can rely on all their lives. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the impacts reported in research and mindfulness implementations while experiencing different techniques for themselves.

Participants in this training will:

  • Review current scientific findings on the impacts of mindfulness on behavior, well-being and cognitive function;
  • Explore the impacts of mindfulness practices in schools on children, teachers and others;
  • Discuss how to implement mindfulness practices with students in classrooms; and
  • Practice simple mindfulness activities that teachers can use in their own lives.


“I just want to let you know what a fabulous job that Cindy Carraway-Wilson did at the Mindfulness workshop held at Congin School. Two of the teachers are going to do a book study group with one of the books that Cindy recommended at the workshop. Inspiring teachers to learn more is always a good sign that the presenter did a great job with a topic!”
~ Janet Crawford, Principal at Congin School